What To Consider When Booking Catering Services

Event planners book catering services for events according to their specifications. Catering services offer several foods that are prepared each day and delivered to the event venue. Knowing vital details about the event helps the planner accommodate everyone attending the event more effectively.

How Many Attendees are Coming to the Event?

Calculating the total number of attendees shows the event planners how many guests they must accommodate. It’s easier to choose menu items with this information, and the planner can choose larger platters when necessary to cut costs. Caterers have a wide assortment of platters that offer a larger quantity of entrees that feed more guests. Side dishes are available in larger portions for big events and give the guests several options from which to choose. BBQ catering services from Select Catering provide a variety of foods for all events.

Is It a Formal or Buffet Opportunity?

Catering services offer two primary dining experiences for customers. Either the patrons can set up a buffet-style event where all attendees are welcome to choose their own food, or they set up formal dining with a full waitstaff. Typically, for a buffet, the food is delivered to the venue and set up according to the client’s specifications. With formal dining, the waitstaff stays at the location, serves the food, and cleans up afterward. The services the client wants defines what dining experience is most appropriate for their event.

Are There Dietary Restrictions to Consider?

When choosing food, the planner must consider dietary restrictions for some of their guests. Giving the attendees a choice that meets their lifestyle makes the event more enjoyable for everyone. Menu selections are available for vegans, vegetarians, and diabetics. Reviewing the selections helps the planner find the best choices for everyone.

Event planners set up their event menu according to the total number of guests attending. Larger events often require large platters to provide additional selections for the guests. Catering services provide a menu that includes a variety of cuisines that meet the lifestyles of all attendees. Event planners can learn more about menu choices and accommodating their guests by contacting a local catering service right now.